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Top Russian lawmaker, State Duma delegation arrive in Saudi Arabia

Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and delegates from the lower house of Russia’s parliament have arrived in

Saudi Arabia Opens its First Alcohol Shop in More Than 70 Years

In a historic move that marks a significant departure from decades-long traditions, Saudi Arabia has opened its first

Saudi Crown Prince Calls for End to Arms Sales to Israel at BRICS Summit

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has urged the world to stop selling weapons to Israel,

China’s Foreign Minister meets Arab & OIC Delegates on Palestine Urges for Ceasefire

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with a high-level delegation of foreign ministers from Arab and Islamic countries

Yemen Confirms Joining Israel-Gaza War

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have announced their intention to join the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, vowing to

Israeli tourism minister makes historic visit to Saudi Arabia

In a landmark move, Israeli Tourism Minister Haim Katz arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday for the first

Yemen’s Houthi rebels heading to Riyadh for talks with Saudi officials

A delegation of Yemen’s Houthi rebels is expected to arrive in Riyadh on Thursday night for talks with

Saudi Arabia hosts Ukraine peace talks without Russia

Saudi Arabia has launched a diplomatic initiative to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing war in Ukraine,

Saudi Arabia and Iran summon Swedish diplomats over Quran desecration

Saudi Arabia and Iran have summoned Swedish diplomats in their respective countries to protest against the desecration of

Shooting outside US consulate in Jeddah leaves two dead, including guard and assailant

A shooting incident outside the US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday left two people dead, including

Hajj 2023: Millions of Muslims prepare for pilgrimage

Millions of Muslims from around the world are preparing to perform the annual pilgrimage of Hajj in Saudi

Saudi Arabia Launches New Instant E-Visa for UK, US, and Schengen Travelers

Saudi Arabia has launched a new instant e-visa option for travelers who hold valid UK, US, or Schengen