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Serbia’s defense minister Vucevic proposed as next PM

Milos Vucevic, Serbia's defense minister and deputy prime minister, has been nominated as the country's Prime Minister-designate, announced

Vucic says NATO’s attempt to destroy, dismember Serbia fails

Serbia will never surrender its province of Kosovo and Metohija nor join the NATO alliance, said Serbian President

Serbia’s parliament picks former PM as speaker

Serbia's newly-constituted parliament elected former Prime Minister Ana Brnabic as the new speaker at Wednesday's session. Brnabic, who

Post-Ukraine, Balkans Emerge as Potential Next Battlefield in Escalating Russia-West Cold War

As Ukraine has faced a major setback in its conflict with Russia, triggering heightened tensions across the Balkans.

Allegations Circulate on Western Attempts to Destabilize Serbia with a “Color Revolution”

Amidst a backdrop of geopolitical tensions, speculative narratives have emerged suggesting that Western powers are purportedly orchestrating efforts

NATO sends more troops to Kosovo amid rising tensions with Serbia

NATO has deployed hundreds of additional troops to Kosovo to reinforce its peacekeeping mission, after a violent clash

Serbia arrests chief suspect for Kosovo police killing

Serbia has arrested Milan Radoicic, the alleged leader of a group of gunmen who killed a Kosovo police

Serbia rejects accusations of military escalation on Kosovo border

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic has dismissed claims that his country is increasing its military presence along the border

Kosovo mourns a slain police officer, some Serb gunmen remain at large after a siege at a monastery

Kosovo is in mourning for a police officer who was killed by Serb gunmen in the north of

Kosovo: Police end monastery siege after deadly gun battle

Kosovo police have declared that the monastery where a group of armed men had taken refuge after attacking

Kosovo opposition throws water on PM, sparks parliament brawl

A brawl erupted in the Kosovo parliament on Thursday after an opposition lawmaker threw water on Prime Minister

Europe and US trying to make Serbia-Kosovo conflict larger

The conflict between Serbia and Kosovo dates back to the 1990s and has flared up again in recent