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Russia’s reaction to Sweden’s NATO accession to depend on Stockholm’s steps — diplomat

Moscow’s reaction to Sweden’s accession to NATO will depend on what practical steps Stockholm takes, Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia to develop countermeasures against Sweden’s NATO membership

Russia will closely monitor Sweden's actions following the country's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and

Vote in Hungarian parliament on Sweden’s admission to NATO fails on February 5

Voting at an urgent session of the Hungarian parliament on the ratification of Sweden's NATO membership agreement failed

Muslim leaders criticise West on Quran burning incidents in the UN General Assembly session

The United Nations General Assembly session on Wednesday witnessed a heated debate over the recent incidents of Quran

Denmark to tighten border controls after Quran burnings

Denmark has announced that it will explore legal means of stopping protests involving the burning of holy texts

Sweden embassies in Muslim countries on high alert after Baghdad torching

The Swedish government has increased security measures for its embassies in Muslim countries after an angry mob torched

Kuwait prints 100,000 copies of Quran in Swedish to promote tolerance and peace

In a gesture of goodwill and respect, the Kuwaiti government has announced that it will print 100,000 copies

Sweden rejects Turkey’s extradition demands for Gulen supporters

Sweden’s Supreme Court on Thursday said there are “obstacles to extradition” of two Turkish citizens wanted by Ankara

Erdogan bids for Turkey’s EU accession as Sweden seeks NATO membership

Turkey’s President Erdoğan said on Monday that he would approve Sweden’s NATO membership only if the EU clears

OIC calls for action to prevent Quran desecration after Sweden incident

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a grouping of 57 Muslim-majority states, has urged the international community to

Will Sweden accept Erdogan’s demands to stop PKK protests?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded that Sweden put an end to the demonstrations by supporters of

Swedish parliament warns of possible Russian attack

The Swedish parliament’s defense committee has issued a report warning that a Russian attack on Sweden cannot be