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Israel Army Kills 2 Palestinians Children in Jenin

The Israeli army killed 2 Palestinian children today in Jenin, Adam Samer Alghoul 8 years old and Solaiman Abu

Intensive talks to extend truce as deadline looms between Israel and Hamas

The intensive talks for an extension of the truce between Hamas and Israel are underway and enter a

Thai PM Says 12 Captives Released by Hamas amid Truce

Thailand’s PM says 12 Thai captives released in Gaza amid truce between Hamas and Israel.

Israeli Army Attacks Indonesian Hospital ahead of Truce Kills 1 Women Several Arrest

The Israeli army attacked the Indonesian hospital just before the ceasefire started killing a woman and arresting several

Israel-Hamas Truce comes into effect

Israeli forces and Hamas have agreed to temporarily cease hostilities in Gaza, starting at 7 am local time

Israel continues bombing ahead of Truce Kills 27

As the clock heads towards the truce Israel continues bombing in violation of international law killing 27 Palestinians

Uncertainty Surrounds Truce and Hostage Swap Deal Between Hamas and Israel

In a surprising turn of events, the expected truce and hostage swap deal between Hamas and Israel has