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Turkey Holds New Hopes for EU Membership, but Challenges Persist

In a renewed push towards European Union (EU) membership, Turkey has expressed optimism about the prospect of joining

Turkey’s Symbolic Resistance Against Israel – Ankara Strategic Use of Islamic Solidarity for National Interests

In a revelation that has stirred controversy in diplomatic circles, Turkey's apparent resistance against Israel has been exposed

Israeli Intelligence Mossad Prepares to Kill Hamas Leader

According to some shocking media reports Israel’s intelligence services are preparing to kill Hamas leaders around the world

Turkey recalls ambassador from Israel amid Gaza war

Turkey has decided to recall its ambassador from Israel for consultations over Israel’s ongoing bombing of civilians in

Israel Issues Travel Warning, Urging Citizens to Leave Turkey Amidst Consulate Protest

In a significant development, Israel has issued a travel warning to its citizens, advising them to leave Turkey

US Shoots Down Turkish Drone Over Syria Amid Rising Tensions With Kurds

A US F-16 fighter jet shot down a Turkish drone after it flew near US forces in northeast

Armenia and Azerbaijan to hold peace talks in Spain after Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan are scheduled to meet on Thursday, October 5, in the Spanish city

Turkey detains dozens of PKK suspects in raids following suicide bomb attack

Police detained at least 67 people across Turkey on Tuesday in a sweep targeting people with alleged links

Turkey strikes Kurdish rebels in Iraq after Ankara suicide attack

Turkey’s defense ministry said it carried out air strikes on 20 suspected Kurdish rebel targets in northern Iraq

Turkey’s rising influence in the Caucasus: A pan-Turkic rhetoric or Ottoman hangover ?

Turkey has been playing an increasingly active role in the Caucasus region, a strategic area that borders Russia,

Muslim leaders criticise West on Quran burning incidents in the UN General Assembly session

The United Nations General Assembly session on Wednesday witnessed a heated debate over the recent incidents of Quran

Putin and Erdogan to discuss Black Sea grain deal, Syria, and S-400s in Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are set to meet in the Black Sea