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No agreement reached between Polish PM and protesting farmers

The meeting between Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and protesting farmers ended Thursday without an agreement, according to

Zelenskyy seeks more ammunition support at southeastern European summit in Albania

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged his southeastern European counterparts to increase their military assistance to his country, which

China’s special envoy to travel to Russia, Ukraine, other European countries in March

Chinese Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui will visit Russia, Ukraine and several other European countries next

‘Catastrophic scenario’ if NATO troops deploy to Ukraine – top Russian senator

A top Russian senator has warned that the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine, as suggested by French

Russian envoy refuses to listen to European diplomats’ speeches at UNSC meeting on Ukraine

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya has said that he refuses to listen to European representatives’

Japan Vows Support to Ukraine, Hosts Conference Focused on War-Torn Country’s Reconstruction

Japan has pledged unwavering support to Ukraine as it hosts a conference focused on the reconstruction of the

US House of Representatives takes pause until February 28, aid to Kiev still not approved

The House of Representatives of the US Congress has started its recess without voting on supplemental aid to

UN Security Council on Ukraine to be held on anniversary of Minsk agreements

The UN Security Council will hold a meeting on the situation in Ukraine on February 12, the anniversary

Russia’s successful defense prompts NATO to review its strategy — magazine

Russia’s successful defense of its positions against Ukrainian troops prompted NATO to rethink its defense strategies, according to

Biden to veto bill on aid to Israel without Ukraine — White House

US President Joe Biden would veto the bill on financing for Israel without support for Ukraine and border

Russia says deaths in Ukraine’s shelling of bakery in Lugansk rise to 28

The number of fatalities following the Ukrainian strike on a bakery in the Lugansk region has risen to

Zelensky wants to sack Zaluzhny because of his secret talks with West — Hersh

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky wants to sack the Commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, Valery Zaluzhny, for his