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The Alleged Impact of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Actions on Israel’s Image and Jewish Communities

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has faced severe criticism for his alleged involvement in war crimes and genocides,

Yemenis Unite to Express Support Against Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

In a powerful display of solidarity, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across Yemen

Famine Fears Grip Gaza: Humanitarian Crisis Intensifies in the Region

Amidst Israel's war crimes, Gaza is now facing an alarming humanitarian crisis, as fears of famine escalate. The

BRICS Member Presses ICC to Charge Israel with War Crimes

South Africa, a member of the BRICS alliance, has reportedly urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to pursue

U.S. Faces Criticism on Supporting Palestinian Genocide War Crimes Partner of Israel

Palestinians Genocide has sparked a global outcry, with many nations expressing concerns over the escalating tensions and humanitarian

Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for seventh day

Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the truce for the seventh day at the last minute amid Israeli

Israel Sets a New World Record in Murdering Journalists

Amidst the Biden Administration-supported Israeli genocide in Gaza, the world is confronted with an alarming surge in journalist

Fateh’s Reformists Slam Israeli Massacre in Two Gaza Schools

Fateh's Reformist Democratic Faction unflinchingly condemns the abhorrent war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli military in its recent

Israeli media report that Oct 7 Israel Airforce killed many Israeli civilians

In a shocking revelation, several Israeli media outlets have reported that the Israel Air Force (IAF) was responsible

Israel’s siege on Al-Shifa hospital reveals tragic child casualties amid exposed pro-Israeli genocide media complicity, cover-ups and bribery

Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction vehemently denounces Israel's persistent pattern of world deception, decrying the baseless assertions surrounding the

Israel’s bombing on Gaza leaves 50 journalists killed

Another journalist Ahmad Fatima was killed by an Israeli bombing making the death toll of journalists hit by

Israel’s Moral, Ethical Standing Shattered with War Crimes and Genocide Against Palestinians

Israel's moral and ethical standing has been severely compromised, casting a dark shadow over any potential grounds for