Tajikistan seeks cooperation with neighboring countries to deal with Afghan threats

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Tajikistan is at the center of growing worries about the stability of Central Asia, as tensions escalate in the region. The country, under the leadership of President Emomali Rahmon, is very concerned about the dangers of militant groups that operate from neighboring Afghanistan, which is now ruled by the Taliban. One of these groups, Jamaat Ansarullo (JA), has been singled out as a major threat to Tajikistan’s national security.

Jamaat Ansarullo JA, also known as the “Tajik Taliban,” has been targeting Dushanbe more and more in recent months. On September 15, a video of a JA militant was released, urging his Tajik compatriots to fight against the government and not to be afraid of being labeled as terrorists. The video also praised Afghanistan as a “country where the mujahedeen rule,” showing the group’s support for the Taliban government.

This followed JA’s failed attempt to cross the Afghan border in the Darvoz district of Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, or GBAO, on September 4, which led to the deaths of three militants and the confiscation of a stash of weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

President Rahmon discussed the issue of security threats from Afghanistan, such as drug trafficking and militancy, at the fifth Summit of Central Asian States. The summit gave Tajikistan an opportunity to express its fears and ask for help from other countries in the region.

Tajikistan’s relationship with the Taliban has been tense, leading the country to seek help from other sources to deal with the emerging threats.

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