The Rule-Based Order Challenge: US and Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza Spark Global Concern

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The actions of the United States and Israel in Gaza have raised serious concerns about their adherence to the rule-based international order, which both nations have traditionally emphasized when it comes to the other part of the world.

These events are creating significant turbulence on the global stage, with accusations of war crimes and massacres causing a notable imbalance in the world in which the US and Israel are not only undermining international law but becoming a threat to wipe out these conventions.

The United States, long an advocate for upholding the international rule-based order, has come under scrutiny for its actions in Gaza. Critics argue that the U.S. is displaying a degree of hypocrisy by engaging in actions that it has previously accused other nations of undertaking.

Israel’s military operations in Gaza have been met with widespread condemnation, particularly regarding the civilian casualties, including the tragic loss of innocent children’s lives.

The world is calling for a halt to these actions, asserting that the killing of children in Gaza is unjustifiable under any circumstances and a clear violation of international norms.

The partnership between the United States and Israel in these war crimes is proving to be a significant challenge to the existing world order. Many nations and international organizations are expressing deep concern about the consequences of these actions, as they believe they undermine the principles of international law and threaten global stability.

As the situation in Gaza continues to evolve, the world is watching closely, hoping for a resolution that respects the rule-based international order and puts an end to the violence and suffering experienced by the people of Gaza.

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