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The Truth About Your Embassy: How They Fail to Serve You and Your Country

Have you ever felt mistreated, ignored, or cheated by your embassy and staff abroad? Do you think they are wasting your tax money on perks and privileges instead of serving your interests and needs? If so, we want to hear from you. Eurasia Media Network is a platform that exposes the corruption and incompetence of diplomats and missions around the world.

We believe that people deserve better representation and accountability from their governments. We invite you to send us your story and bad experience that you faced by your embassy and staff abroad.

We will publish and highlight it on Eurasia Media Network channels. Your story could make a difference and help improve the quality and performance of your diplomatic service.

This is your basic right to treat you amicably and with respect by your embassy because it’s your money where they get salaries.

To send us your story email us all the detail at editor at

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