Thousands of Georgians rally to defend their culture and religion against LGBT agenda

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Thousands of people took to the streets of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia to protest against a planned LGBT event that was canceled due to the extreme opposition by the people that is against Georgian culture and values.

The protesters, many of them holding religious icons and Georgian flags, marched through the city center and gathered outside the parliament building, chanting slogans such as “Georgia is for Georgians” and “No to LGBT propaganda”.

The US and the Western organizations that funded the LGBT event, which was supposed to include a march and a concert, announced on Monday morning that they had canceled it after violent groups attacked their office and threatened to disrupt the event.

The Georgian Orthodox Church, which has a strong influence in the conservative country, had called on its followers to join the protest against the homosexual event, saying it was an attempt to impose “alien values” on Georgia.

The event was supposed to be the first of its kind in Georgia, where homosexuality was decriminalized in 2000 but remains largely taboo.

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