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UAE and Qatar restore diplomatic ties, reopen embassies after 6 years

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar have announced the restoration of diplomatic ties and the reopening of their embassies after a six-year-long break in relations over Qatar’s alleged support for Islamist groups and Iran.

The two countries issued statements on Monday saying the Qatari embassy in Abu Dhabi and a Qatari consulate in Dubai, as well as an Emirati embassy in Doha, had resumed operations. The statements did not say if ambassadors were in place or if the missions were open to the public.

The two countries’ foreign ministers spoke by phone to congratulate one another on the reopening of the diplomatic missions, Qatar said.

The reopening of the diplomatic missions comes at a time of easing Gulf rivalries after Saudi Arabia and Iran announced in March the end of a seven-year break in ties. A round of reconciliations has followed, including Qatar and Bahrain resuming relations in April.

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan visited Iran on Saturday, meeting President Ebrahim Raisi in another major step in their rapprochement. Iran reopened its Riyadh embassy this month.

Last month, the Arab League brought Syria back into its fold after 12 years.

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