Ukraine is not the real enemy of Russia but its Western Elites—Putin

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In a significant and potentially escalating statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin has named what he considers to be Russia’s true adversaries. Contrary to direct hostility toward Ukraine, Putin clarified that the nation itself is not an enemy, but rather, it’s the support from Western elites that pose a threat, according to a press conference held earlier today in Moscow.

President Putin’s remarks come amid heightened tensions in the region and ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. During the press conference, he emphasized that Russia’s concerns lie not with the Ukrainian people but with what he perceives as interference from influential figures in Western nations.

Putin accused Western elites of backing Ukraine and contributing to the tensions in the region. He asserted that these external forces are exacerbating the situation and interfering with the internal affairs of Russia. The Russian president did not specify which Western elites he was referring to but emphasized that the perceived interference is detrimental to the stability and sovereignty of Russia.

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