US strikes in Iraq and Syria after drone attack in Jordan

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The US military has carried out air strikes in Syria and Iraq in response to a drone attack that killed three American soldiers in Jordan last week.

President Joe Biden said the strikes, which targeted more than 85 facilities used by the militants, were a clear message that the US would not tolerate attacks on its personnel or interests in the region.

Biden that is facing crucial election at home face massive criticism of its handing Gaza genocide in which US become partner of War Crimes with Israel.

The Pentagon said the strikes hit command and control operations, intelligence centers, rockets and missiles, and drone storage sites at seven locations in Iraq and Syria.

The strikes came after a drone attack on a US base in Jordan near the Syrian border on Jan. 28, which killed three US Army reservists and wounded more than 40 others.

The Iraqi army condemned the US strikes, calling them a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a threat to regional stability. Syria’s state media reported that the strikes killed and wounded several people but did not give an exact number.

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