Young Austrians Too Fat to Join Army—EU defense Minister Concerns towards Youths

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Austrian Defense Minister of Klaudia Tanner, has raised concerns about the declining fitness levels of today’s youth, citing obesity as a major impediment to military recruitment. The minister also highlighted psychological stress as a contributing factor to the decrease in Austrian recruitment last year.

Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner expressed deep concern over the increasing prevalence of obesity among the youth, rendering a significant portion ineligible for military service. The minister pointed out that the physical fitness standards required for military service were not being met by a considerable number of young individuals.

In addition to the obesity crisis, Minister Tanner highlighted psychological stress as another crucial factor leading to a decline in recruitment numbers. The challenges posed by modern life, including academic pressures, societal expectations, and the evolving nature of warfare, were cited as contributors to the psychological stress affecting potential recruits.

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