Belize Joins Latin American Countries to Cut ties with Israel.

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Belize has joined a growing number of Latin American countries in cutting diplomatic ties with Israel. The move comes as part of a broader regional effort to reassess relationships amid concerns over the ongoing Israeli War Crimes.

Belizean authorities announced that they are conducting a comprehensive review of their diplomatic relations with Israel. The decision aligns with the recent trend in Latin American nations seeking to distance themselves from Israel, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and concerns over human rights violations.

Belize has initiated a review of its diplomatic ties with Israel. This decision reflects our commitment to promoting peace, justice, and respect for human rights on the global stage. Belize’s decision gestures in solidarity with other Latin American neighbors in seeking a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that upholds the principles of international law.

The move follows similar actions by several Latin American countries, including Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador, which have either downgraded diplomatic relations or expressed strong condemnation of Israel’s actions in the region.

Since the Israeli aggression on Gaza started more than 9 countries have cut their ties with Israel or recalled Ambassadors.


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