Fatah’s Reformists’ Condemn Genocidal Rhetoric in Washington D.C

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Fatah’s Reformist Democratic Faction vehemently condemns the relentless ongoing Israeli genocide against Palestinian civilians and stands in full gratitude to all those brave voices around the world demanding an end to these atrocities, particularly U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

Dimitri Diliani, Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction’s Spokesperson said that Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s courageous call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza embodies the moral compass that should guide international efforts to pressure Israel to halt its slaughtering spree of Palestinian children in Gaza. Her stance is not just a plea for peace but a cry for justice. To undermine her voice is tantamount to complicity in the Israeli genocide that have claimed the lives of nearly 11,000 Palestinians, including 40% innocent children. Half of Gaza’s population is displaced, entire neighborhoods obliterated, and essential civil infrastructure lies in ruins.

We, Diliani added, adamantly reject any attempt to silence Congresswoman Tlaib. Such actions serve to perpetuate the Israeli atrocities in Gaza. “Those who attempt to silence moral voices and oppose justice will be remembered as enablers of genocide.”

Furthermore, Diliani stressed, it is with deep concern that we must address the disturbing Genocidal rhetoric coming from some members of the U.S. administration and Congress, which constitutes a clear complicity in the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Diliani pointed out some of the examples of such genocidal rhetoric that appears to be acceptable in Washington D.C.: Max Miller, a Republican congressman, disgracefully stated on Fox News interview that Gaza should be turned into a parking lot.

Congressman Brian Mast shockingly declared that every Palestinian civilian is a Nazi and should be treated as such. He even wore an Israeli Army uniform in Congress, a deeply troubling display of insensitivity, hostility and complicity in the genocide.

Sen. Lindsey Graham brazenly proclaimed, “we should level Gaza,” an outrageous and inhumane sentiment.

John Kirby, Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, clearly expressed dangerously troubling genocidal view that there are no redlines for Israel in its bombardment of Palestinian civilians.

Fatah’s Reformist Democratic Faction demands an immediate halt to Israeli genocide in Gaza, condemns the Genocidal rhetoric in the U.S. administration and Congress, and calls on the world to unite against these grave injustices.

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