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Hotel staff theft network exposed in Pakistan’s luxury hotels

By our Correspondent: 

ISLAMABAD: Several guests of five-star hotels in Pakistan have reported being victims of theft by the hotel staff. A high-profile theft network of in-house staff has been exposed in Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Bhurban, a top hotel management brand that also owns a Marriott hotel in Islamabad.

A First Investigation Report (FIR) has been registered by the security officer of the PC Hotel Bhurban at the nearby police station. However, sources claim that the hotel management is trying to cover up the issue.

This is not the first time that the hotel management has been involved in such an awkward situation. In the past, there have been many other incidents that were not reported and settled down. Due to the high demand and tourists flux in the area, the hotel management is negligent in terms of improving their guest relations and services.

The hotel’s staff turned thieves target expensive items and cash from the guest rooms and safes. They operate in collusion with some of the hotel managers, who provide them with access to the rooms and safes having duplicate keys. They also use sophisticated tools to bypass electronic locks and security cameras.

The thefts usually occur when the guests are away from their rooms, either for sightseeing, dining or attending events. The thieves also take advantage of the frequent security lapses in the country.

Thefts in luxury hotels pose a serious threat to the reputation and security of the hospitality industry, especially in a country like Pakistan that already faces the worst economic crisis of its history. Such incidents would further undermine the confidence of foreign tourists in the country’s hotel and tourism industry.

Experts suggest that hotels should invest more in security systems, train their staff to prevent and detect thefts and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to catch the culprits.


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