Israel Only Goal to Commit Ethnic Cleaning of Palestinians: Mustafa Barghouti

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Mustafa Barghouti, the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative said that the real goal of the Israeli war on Gaza was and still is the ethnic cleansing of all the Gaza residents and moving them to the Sinai desert in Egypt.

Barghouti said: “That is what Netanyahu and his military spokesperson Lt-Col. Richard Hecht announced in the first days of the Israeli attack.

He further says, that today the Israeli army resumed their horrific bombardment of Gaza and they declared a plan to divide North of Gaza in blocks to conduct with bombardment gradual ethnic cleansing of the people moving them to the South of Gaza.

Mustafa Barghouti commented that at the same time, the Israeli planes threw leaflets on the area of Khan Yonis in the south asking people to evict their homes and go to Rafah on the borders with Egypt. They are trying to force 2.3 million people to cluster in an area of 10 square miles and continue bombarding them to force them to be evicted to Egypt.

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