Israel’s Information Minister Resigns Amid War Crimes Allegations

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Israel’s Information Minister Galit Distel Atbaryan announced her resignation on Thursday, amid growing international criticism of Israel’s military operation in Gaza and allegations of war crimes.

Distel Atbaryan, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, said she decided to step down after the government transferred the responsibility for Israel’s public relations abroad to the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, which has more resources and authority.

She said that her ministry, which was established only 17 weeks ago and received its initial budget only recently, could not make a significant contribution to the state in the current situation. She also said that operating a government office is expensive and that the people of Israel need every penny. She asked Netanyahu to grant her ministry’s budget directly to the citizens of the south, who have been under rocket fire from Gaza.

Distel Atbaryan’s resignation came as Israel faced mounting pressure from the international community to end its offensive in Gaza, which has killed innocent children, women and elders.

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