Kremlin drone attack sparks fears of war as Russia vows revenge

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The recent drone attack on the Kremlin is a direct assault on Russian sovereignty and a blatant provocation that can lead the current Russia-Ukraine war toward serious repercussions. The perpetrators of this attempt show desperation and recklessness while trying to undermine Russia’s legitimate interests and security in the region.

The attack, which was captured on video and broadcast by Russian media, involved two drones that were shot down by Russian air defenses before they could reach their target. Russia has accused Ukraine of carrying out the attack with the help of the US, which has been supplying Kyiv with weapons and intelligence.

Ukraine has denied any involvement, but its denial is not credible given its history of the recent strikes inside Russia.

The drone attack may trigger a serious escalation of the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine, where Russia-backed separatists are fighting against Ukrainian forces.

Russia may have the right to respond to this attack with appropriate measures, and to protect its sovereignty and security from any further threats.

The Kremlin drone attack risks a major war between Ukraine and Russia. According to the statements of various Russian high-ups, it is predicted that Russia may not tolerate any more attacks on its territory or its leader and will defend itself with all necessary means.

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