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Mexico City to revamp public transportation with Chinese technology

Mexico City, one of the world’s largest and most congested cities, is getting an upgrade to its public transportation system, thanks to Chinese electric mobility technology and UNOPS support.

The city government has announced plans to invest nearly $1.6 billion in public transportation, including a new cable car system on the outskirts of the city and new cars for the metro system.

The cable car lines will integrate with the metro network and be the most efficient connection system in the city, especially for the poor communities located high up on hillsides.

The new and updated trains, along with the modernization of the signalling and control systems on multiple metro lines, will boost use and increase the number of trains that can operate per day.

The city hopes that these initiatives will improve the accessibility, efficiency and sustainability of its transportation network, as well as reduce congestion, emissions and costs for both the city and users.

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