Modi’s Popularity Declines Amid Rising Communal Violence and Hate Speech on Indian Elections

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During the current elections Modi once again turned towards hate speech and targeting minorities to get his followers’ attention. But overall Modi popularity graph is downside.

Modi who has completed his two turns in office as a Prime Minister for almost ten years. However, he failed to make any major changes except plunging the country towards a troubling surge in communal violence and inflammatory rhetoric, leading to a notable downturn in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity.

The once widely celebrated leader is now grappling with mounting criticism over his handling of religious tensions and his government’s failure to curb hate speech.

Modi, known for his strongman image and nationalist agenda, rose to power in 2014 with a promise of economic development and inclusive governance. However, his administration has faced widespread condemnation for policies perceived as discriminatory against minority groups, particularly Muslims. The recent spike in communal tensions has further eroded confidence in his leadership, with many questioning the government’s commitment to upholding secular values and fostering social harmony.

Despite attempts by government officials to downplay the severity of the situation, public discontent continues to mount, as evidenced by growing protests and calls for accountability. With India‘s diverse population and complex socio-political landscape, Modi faces a daunting challenge in restoring trust and unity among its citizens.

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