Netanyahu Trapped in ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy as Israel Faces War with Hamas

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the war in Gaza will be “long and difficult” and that his country is facing an “existential test” against Hamas. He said the ground operation launched by Israeli troops in Gaza was the second stage in a war against the Islamist group, and that Israel will fight on land, sea and in the air.

Israel’s deep state-inspired and motivated war strategy backfired in the first attempt of the Israel ground invasion of Gaza Hamas tunnel where Israeli forces faced huge losses.

Analysts say Netanyahu’s warning of a long and difficult war could mean that Israel is facing a quagmire in Gaza, where Hamas has proven to be a resilient and formidable enemy. They say Israel may not be able to achieve its stated goals of destroying Hamas’s military capabilities and restoring deterrence without paying a high price in terms of casualties, international pressure and public opinion. They also say that a prolonged war could fuel more anger and resentment among Palestinians and increase the risk of a wider regional conflict.

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