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Pakistan rescue operation: Two children saved from chair lift, six still trapped

A daring rescue operation is underway in Pakistan to save six children and two teachers who are trapped in a chair lift hanging by a single cable over a ravine. The cable car, which the students use to get to school in a remote mountainous area in Battagram, broke down on Tuesday morning after one of the cables snapped.

The Pakistan army has deployed two helicopters and special commandos to rescue the stranded passengers, who have been dangling 900 feet above the ground for hours. The rescue mission is complicated by strong winds and the risk of further destabilizing the lift by the helicopters’ rotor blades.

So far, two children have been successfully rescued by the commandos, who lowered themselves from the helicopters and attached harnesses to the passengers. The rescued children were taken to a nearby hospital for medical check-ups and treatment. The remaining six children and two teachers are still waiting for their turn to be rescued.

The local authorities have expressed their concern and sympathy for the trapped passengers and their families. They have also promised to investigate the cause of the cable car malfunction and ensure the safety of the transport system in the area. The cable car is one of the main modes of transport for the people who live in the northern mountainous regions of Pakistan.

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