Russia blocks UN sanctions on Mali, ends monitoring panel

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Russia vetoed a resolution on Wednesday that would have extended the UN sanctions regime on Mali and the mandate of an independent panel of experts monitoring its implementation. The move effectively terminated all UN sanctions on Mali and the panel of experts, which had recently reported on alleged human rights abuses by Russian mercenaries in the country.

The resolution, drafted by France and the United Arab Emirates, received 13 votes in favor and one abstention from China in the 15-member Security Council. However, it was blocked by Russia, which argued that the sanctions were no longer necessary and that the panel of experts was biased and unprofessional.

Russia had put forward its own draft resolution, which would have ended the panel of experts immediately and abolished the sanctions regime in August 2024. However, it failed to garner any support from other council members, with only Russia voting in favor, Japan voting against, and 13 countries abstaining.

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