Slovenia, Spain back recognition of State of Palestine

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Slovenia and Spain have voiced their support for the recognition of the State of Palestine when the time is right, saying they hope the recognition will help end the armed conflict in Gaza.

Slovenian Prime Ministers Robert Golob and his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sanchez declared the position at a joint press conference after their meeting here on Tuesday.

Golob said that the recognition of Palestine would be a step towards easing the suffering of civilians in Gaza, but added “that is not the only step and will not be enough by itself.”

For his part, Sanchez said that to prevent escalation of conflict in Gaza, “we can choose a path of international recognition (of Palestine) and diplomacy.”

The visit follows a similar joint statement signed by prime ministers of Spain, Slovenia, Ireland and Malta in late March, according to which the countries stand ready to recognize the State of Palestine when “the circumstances are right.”

Slovenia, an incumbent non-permanent member of the United Nations’ Security Council, said last week that it will support the membership of Palestine in the UN during a Security Council vote later this week.

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