South Africa Elections Results Live: Count Underway After Contested Poll

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In a pivotal moment for South Africa, the nation holds its breath as the count for the fiercely contested elections is currently underway. The elections, which took place on May 29, have been described as the most significant in the last 30 years, marking a potential turning point in the country’s political landscape. 

As the counting process began, the anticipation among the citizens was palpable, with many hoping for a change that could reshape the future of the nation. The final results are not expected to be announced before Sunday, leaving a window of uncertainty that has both the voters and the candidates on edge. 

The African National Congress (ANC), which has been at the helm since the end of apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandela as the country’s first Black president, faces its toughest challenge yet. With opinion polls suggesting a possible dip below the 50 percent mark, the ANC might be forced to seek coalition partners to form a government, an unprecedented scenario in its 30-year rule. 

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has been updating the partial results over the past few days, and the nation eagerly awaits the final numbers. The outcome of these elections could potentially alter the political course of South Africa, as the ANC’s unchallenged majority hangs in the balance.

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