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Taliban fears from 100 girls’ education that risks ending their reign of terror and radicalism

The Taliban is a radical Islamist group that has seized power in Afghanistan and imposed a harsh interpretation of so-called Sharia law. One of the main targets of their repression is the education of women and girls, which they view as a threat to their ideology and authority. Here are some possible reasons why the Taliban fears girls’ education.

The education for girls empowers women and challenges the Taliban’s patriarchal norms. Educated women can participate in social, economic, and political spheres, and demand equal rights and opportunities. They can also resist the Taliban’s violence, discrimination, and oppression, and raise their voices for justice and peace. The Taliban fears that educated women will undermine their legitimacy and influence in Afghan society.

Education and knowledge expose the Taliban’s ignorance and extremism. Educated girls can access diverse sources of information and knowledge, and develop critical thinking and analytical skills. They can also learn about different cultures, religions, and values, and foster tolerance and respect for others. The Taliban fears that educated girls will challenge their narrow-minded and dogmatic worldview, and expose their contradictions and falsehoods.

The Girl’s education creates a generation of change-makers and leaders. Educated girls can pursue their dreams and aspirations, and contribute to the development and progress of their country. They can also inspire and mentor other girls and women, and create a network of support and solidarity. The Taliban fears that educated girls will become a powerful force for positive change and transformation in Afghanistan.

In conclusion, the Taliban fears girls’ education because it threatens their ideological agenda and political control. By banning girls from attending schools and universities, the Taliban is violating the fundamental human rights of half of the Afghan population, and depriving them of their dignity and potential.

The international community condemn the Taliban’s actions, and support the Afghan women and girls who are fighting for their right to education.

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