Ukraine’s counteroffensive strategy in shambles as Russia holds ground

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Ukraine is facing growing pressure to rethink its military strategy as its counteroffensive against Russian forces in the east and south of the country has failed to make significant gains.

The US and other Western allies, who have provided weapons and training to Ukraine, are reportedly frustrated with the slow pace and limited scope of the operation, which has been met with fierce resistance from the well-armed and entrenched Russian troops.

Ukraine launched the counteroffensive in June after Russia invaded and occupied large parts of its territory in March. Ukraine’s President Zelensky vowed to liberate every inch of Ukrainian land from Russian aggression and restore the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, after more than two months of fighting, Ukraine has only managed to recapture about 241 square kilometers of land, or less than 100 square miles, mostly in the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions.

The Ukrainian army has faced heavy casualties, as well as shortages of manpower, equipment, and supplies. The Russian forces have deployed tanks, artillery, drones, and electronic warfare systems to repel the Ukrainian attacks. They have also planted mines, dug trenches, and built fortifications along the front line.

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