US to mediate Lebanon-Israel border dispute

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The United States has announced its intention to mediate the long-standing border dispute between Lebanon and Israel, which has been a source of tension and conflict for decades. A senior White House adviser, Amos Hochstein, visited Beirut on Thursday and met with Lebanese officials to discuss the possibility of resolving the issue.

Hochstein said that he listened to the views of the Lebanese government and visited the border area to learn more about what is needed to achieve an outcome. He added that he now plans to hear the Israeli view and to make an assessment if this is the right time and if there is a window of opportunity to achieve it.

The border dispute between Lebanon and Israel involves a 330 sq mi area off the shores of both countries, which contains natural gas resources, including the Qana and Karish gas fields. Both countries have submitted their claims to the United Nations, but have not reached an agreement on the maritime boundary.


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