Volcanic eruption in Iceland disrupts hot water supply

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The volcanic eruption that began in Iceland early Thursday is hampering the availability of hot water for heating, national radio RUV reports.

A hot water pipe was broken by the eruption in the Reykjanes area in southwestern Iceland.

The heating system in this area is based on the use of hot water, but the impact of the water shortage also extends beyond the immediate area.

Keflavik airport ran out of hot water on Thursday afternoon, according to RUV. A spokesperson for the airport’s operator said that it has had a limited effect on the airport’s operations, but developments are being closely monitored. The temperature in the terminal could be lowered.

The head of Iceland’s National Energy Authority, Halla Hrund Logadottir, said on RUV that electricity systems are not designed for heating, and the electricity capacity would not be sufficient for that purpose.

Logadottir called on residents to reduce their consumption of electricity and hot water. “A certain level of hot water is in tanks, and the longer that can last in the worst-case scenario, the better.”

Due to a lack of hot water, school activities and sports facilities will be closed in several municipalities in the Reykjanes area.

According to the latest announcement by the Icelandic Meteorological Office, the eruption’s power has decreased. It is mainly erupting in three places on the volcanic fissure that opened up this morning.

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