179 bodies buried in mass grave at Al Shifa Hospital who killed by the Israeli Army

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A mass grave is being prepared for 179 people, including babies, at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, the director of hospitals in Gaza told.

More than 34 people died inside Gaza’s largest hospital after fuel supplies ran out on Saturday, Dr Mohammad Zaqout said, about 40 days since the Israeli war began, killing more than 11,200 people in Gaza.

“They began digging at around 9 am, risking their lives, as the occupation forces are stationed nearby,” he said.

“They don’t have any tools, like excavators to help them. They’re just doing it manually. This is a big task and will take hours.”

People have been shot while attempting to flee the hospital on foot, the hospital’s director previously said. Another doctor told that people were unable to even “look outside the window” for fear of getting shot by Israeli snipers.

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