Baltic State frustrated over Ukraine losing ground against Russia

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The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have much frustration and concern over the situation in Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists have made significant gains in recent weeks.

The three countries, which were once part of the Soviet Union and are now members of the European Union and NATO, fear that they could be the next targets of Russia.

The Baltic states have been among the most vocal supporters of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and have provided military and humanitarian assistance to Kyiv. They have also urged NATO to reinforce its eastern flank and impose tougher sanctions on Moscow. However, they feel that their calls have not been heeded enough by their allies and that Ukraine is losing ground against Russia.

The Baltic states share a long and porous border with Russia and have sizable ethnic Russian minorities within their populations

The Baltic states have also taken some unilateral measures to counter the Russian threat, such as increasing their defense spending, enhancing their cyber and energy security, and suspending the broadcast licenses of several Russian TV stations accused of spreading disinformation and propaganda.

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