G7 Summit

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Europe Energy Crisis, a failure of European Leaders

  As Europe is sinking into the worst Energy Crisis of recent years the western

EU Blackmailing: Polish Prime Minister’s whistleblowing accusations Echoes

  Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, accusations to the EU is actually the long way

Why the US Wants an Unstable and Volatile Afghanistan?

The hasty withdrawal failed to push Afghanistan into the next US-planned proxy battlefield for the

A new migrants crisis is brewing on the Poland border

  When the US left Afghanistan with many unanswered questions and a dramatic withdrawal made

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G7 industry ministers commit to “safe and reliable” AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial for achieving sustainable development, but needs to be implemented in a balanced and safe way,

BRICS surpasses G7 in purchasing power parity — Kremlin aide

The BRICS countries have already surpassed the G7 in some macroeconomic indicators and this gap will widen further, Kremlin aide

NDB head says BRICS nations to outpace G7 in terms of share in global GDP by 2028

The share of BRICS members (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in global GDP will increase from 35% to 40%