Espionage Scandal Unfolds as US Embassy Employees Expelled from Madrid

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At least two employees at the US embassy in Madrid have been discreetly expelled from Spain, following suspicions of their involvement in recruiting agents from the country’s National Intelligence Center (CNI) to acquire highly classified information, as reported by El Pais on Thursday, citing government sources.

The incident, which has sent ripples through diplomatic circles, suggests a potential espionage scandal that could strain relations between the United States and Spain. The expelled embassy personnel, whose identities remain undisclosed, are accused of engaging in clandestine activities aimed at compromising the integrity of Spain’s National Intelligence Center.

According to El Pais, Spanish authorities acted swiftly upon uncovering the suspicious activities, leading to the quiet expulsion of the US embassy employees. Sources within the Spanish government have revealed that the expelled individuals are suspected of attempting to recruit CNI agents to obtain sensitive and classified information, posing a significant threat to national security.

The US embassy in Madrid has yet to officially comment on the matter, and details surrounding the alleged espionage activities remain shrouded in secrecy. The Spanish government, however, is said to be in communication with US officials to address the situation and seek clarification on the nature of the activities undertaken by the expelled individuals.

The fallout from this incident could have broader implications for diplomatic ties between the two nations, with potential repercussions for intelligence-sharing agreements and cooperation on various international issues.

The Spanish government is expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, seeking answers about the extent of the espionage activities and the possible implications for its national security.

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