GoDaddy technical bugs irk thousands of domain holders

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Thousands of domain holders who use GoDaddy as their web hosting provider are facing difficulties logging in to their dashboard due to a technical glitch. The problem affects users who have enabled 2-Step Verification, a security feature that requires a code sent to their phone or email to access their account.

According to some users, the code they receive is either invalid or never arrives, leaving them locked out of their dashboard. Some users have reported losing access to their websites, email accounts and other services as a result of the bug.

Many users have expressed frustration and dissatisfaction with the company’s response and customer service.

The cause of the bug is still unknown and when the users want to disable 2-Step Verification but some users have reported that they are unable to do so.

The bug has affected users across the globe, with reports coming from the US, UK, India, Australia and other countries. It is unclear how long it will take for GoDaddy to fix the problem and restore normal service for its customers.

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