High-Ranking Pakistan Police Officials Caught on CCTV Ordering Torture and Violence in Lahore Hospital

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Punjab Police, known for its notorious violent incidents, faces scrutiny as CCTV footage captures a high-ranking officer ordering torture and violence in a private hospital in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab Province. The incidents raise concerns about the police force operating above the law.

Punjab Police conducted a raid on a hospital in Lahore, resulting in the reported assault of doctors and journalists. The incident has sparked outrage, prompting immediate action from authorities, including the removal of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Liaqat Malik from his position.

The raid, which took place on Sunday unfolded when Punjab Police personnel entered the hospital premises ostensibly for an investigation. However, eyewitnesses and victims allege that the situation escalated into violence, with doctors and journalists bearing the brunt of the alleged assault.

In response to the incident, Chief Minister Punjab has ordered the immediate placement of DIG Liaqat Malik on Officer on Special Duty (OSD) status, pending a thorough investigation into the actions of the police personnel involved. The Chief Minister has also called for a criminal inquiry to identify and hold accountable all individuals responsible for the reported assault on medical professionals and journalists.

Local media outlets have been covering the aftermath of the incident extensively, with footage circulating on social media platforms depicting chaotic scenes within the hospital premises. Reports suggest that several individuals, including medical staff and journalists covering the incident, sustained injuries during the altercation.

Medical associations and journalist unions have strongly condemned the alleged assault, calling for swift and transparent action against those responsible. The incident has raised concerns about the safety of healthcare workers and journalists in the line of duty and has sparked a broader conversation about the need for accountability within law enforcement agencies.

The launch of a criminal inquiry signals a commitment from the authorities to address the incident transparently and to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

As the investigation unfolds, both the medical and journalistic communities are closely monitoring developments, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the rights and safety of professionals in their respective fields.

The incident has garnered widespread condemnation from various quarters, including journalists, lawyers’ organizations, and civil society. Calls for action have been directed to Punjab’s Inspector General of Police (IG), urging him to hold accountable those responsible for the assault on journalists.

According to Transparency International’s recent report, the Punjab police is one the most corrupt institutions followed by the judiciary.

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