Hungary’s position complicating talks on giving Kiev 50 bln euros in aid — Euractiv

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Talks on giving Ukraine 50 bln euros in financial aid are getting more complicated with Hungary failing to show flexibility on the issue, Euractiv writes, citing EU sources.

“The negotiation is getting a bit more complicated <…>; the position of Hungary has not really been flexible on this,” a senior EU official said, as cited by the news website.

According to Euractiv, the EU may use Article 7 of the 2007 Treaty on European Union, which makes it possible to strip a country of the right to vote over violations of the EU’s laws because, according to EU diplomats, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is breaking the basic duty of any EU member, that of “sincere cooperation.” However, most EU nations still believe a deal could be possible, the news website added.

At a Brussels meeting of EU leaders on December 14-15, Orban blocked amendments to the community’s 2024-27 budget, which included granting 50 bln euros to Kiev. Hungary called for providing aid to Ukraine outside of the EU budget on an annual basis and ensuring control over the use of funds.

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