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Kosovo opposition throws water on PM, sparks parliament brawl

A brawl erupted in the Kosovo parliament on Thursday after an opposition lawmaker threw water on Prime Minister Kwhile he was speaking about government measures to defuse tensions with ethnic Serbs in the country’s north.

The incident happened while Kurti was announcing that he would reduce the number of special police officers stationed outside four municipal buildings in ethnic Serb-majority areas in northern Kosovo, and hold new mayoral elections in each of the towns.

The move has angered the opposition, who argued that Kurti “experimented” for months and jeopardized Kosovo’s international position only to back down later.

The lawmaker Mergim Lushtaku, from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, approached Kurti while he was speaking and threw water at him, triggering the brawl. Earlier, Kurti’s deputy, Besnik Bislimi, had torn up a drawing mocking Kurti that the opposition had given the prime minister.

Local media said Kurti was escorted out of the assembly hall during the chaos.

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