Moscow Accuses European Human Rights Court of Bias: Deputy Foreign Minister Labels ECHR a ‘Mad Printer’

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Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Vershinin has launched a scathing attack on the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), describing it as a ‘mad printer’ that allegedly prioritizes anti-Russian complaints while suppressing Moscow’s legitimate concerns. The accusation, made during a press conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reflects heightened tensions between Russia and the ECHR.

In his statement, the deputy foreign minister asserted that the ECHR has been consistently biased against Russia, suggesting that the court has been overly receptive to complaints from individuals or groups critical of Russian policies.

He claimed that the court, rather than upholding its mandate to objectively address human rights issues, has become a tool for advancing a political agenda against Moscow.

The deputy foreign minister provided examples of cases where he alleges the ECHR demonstrated bias, citing instances where Russian interests were allegedly neglected or sidelined. He emphasized that this perceived imbalance raises questions about the credibility and objectivity of the European human rights body.

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