Venezuelan Leader Orders Response to British Warship; Caracas Alleges Violation of Guyana Deal Over Essequibo Region

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has issued orders for a robust response to what the government claims is a violation of an agreement with Guyana, following the presence of a British warship in the disputed Essequibo region.

The Venezuelan government has accused London of disregarding the delicate balance struck between Venezuela and Guyana over the contested Essequibo region, a long-standing point of contention between the two South American nations.

Tensions escalated when reports emerged of a British warship entering the disputed waters, prompting a swift and assertive response from Caracas. The Venezuelan government has labeled the move as a clear violation of the accord reached with Guyana, which was intended to prevent any unilateral actions in the contested area.

“I have ordered the activation of joint defensive action by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in response to the UK provocation and threat to the peace and sovereignty of our country,” the Venezuelan president said in a televised speech.

The disputed Essequibo region covers a vast area of land, and both Venezuela and Guyana have historical claims to its territory. The longstanding disagreement has often strained diplomatic relations between the two nations, with occasional flare-ups that require careful handling.

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