No water or fuel’ for Gaza until hostages freed Israel’s Humanitarian Blackmailing

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Israel has imposed a harsh condition on the Gaza Strip, demanding the release of all hostages taken by Hamas in exchange for allowing the entry of water and fuel supplies. The condition was announced by Israel’s Defense Minister after a meeting with the security cabinet.

Gantz said that Israel will not allow any humanitarian aid to reach Gaza until Hamas frees all the Israeli civilians and soldiers it captured during its surprise attack on October 7. He said that Israel holds Hamas responsible for the well-being of the hostages, and warned that any harm to them will have grave consequences.

Gantz’s statement came as Israel continued its massive airstrikes and ground operations in Gaza, aiming to repel the Hamas invaders and rescue the hostages. According to the Israeli military, more than 1,000 targets have been hit in Gaza since Saturday, including rocket launchers, command centers, weapons depots, tunnels and groups. The military said that it has killed more than 500 Hamas fighters and destroyed dozens of drones and missiles.

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