Shocking Abuse in Pakistan: Punjab Police Tortured Woman, Giving Electric Shocks and Filing Fake Narcotics Case

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Bahawalpur : In the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, a woman’s plea for justice echoes amidst accusations of severe police torture and misconduct. Mehtab Kanwal, a resident of the region, has brought to light a harrowing account of torture purportedly at the hands of the Bahawalpur CIA Police. Her claims of being subjected to inhumane beatings and electric shocks have sent ripples through social media, drawing the public’s gaze to a matter often shrouded in silence.

The narrative Kanwal presents is one of brutality and injustice, with accusations that the Punjab Police not only inflicted physical harm but also ensnared her husband in a contrived narcotics case. The specter of human rights violations by the Punjab Police is not new, with a history tainted by extrajudicial killings and abuse of power. Yet, Kanwal’s ordeal has reignited scrutiny and debate over these persistent issues.

Facing threats and harassment, Kanwal stands resolute in her demand for accountability, threatening dire actions should justice remain elusive. Her story is a stark reminder of the systemic torture and corruption within Punjab’s law enforcement—a system where victims’ voices are often suppressed, and transgressions by authorities are left unchecked by those in power.

As Kanwal’s struggle for vindication gains traction, there is a growing chorus of voices from human rights organizations and international observers, including the UN Special Rapporteur on torture in Pakistan, calling for immediate intervention. The urgency for change is palpable, with demands for an end to the rampant abuse and a push towards transparency and accountability.

The plight of Mehtab Kanwal is far from isolated; it is symptomatic of a broader pattern of misconduct within the ranks of the Punjab Police. It is a narrative that underscores the need for systemic reform and the pursuit of justice, not just for one, but for all who have suffered in silence.


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