Three Maldives Deputy Youth’s Ministers Showed Mirror to Indians and Modi

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While Modi is trying to dent the Maldives tourism industry with his boasting tour to one of India’s most flop Lakshadweep sites, a war on social media has been ignited in which Indian social media users are trying to spread a negative image of Maldives beaches.

Infect there is no comparison of India’s unknown Lakshadweep with the Maldives’ luxurious beaches with the modern state-of-the-art tourists.

Meanwhile, three daring youth ministers from Maldives Malsha Shareef, Mariyam Shiuna and Abdulla Mahzoom Majid showed the mirror to Modi who has been involved in the Gujarat and Ahmedabad massacres of Muslims by killing 20,000 people.

India has been terrorizing smaller states and more recently the newly elected President of Maldives Mohamed Muizzu has kicked off all Indian Navy personnel on Maldives soil. India has been offended by the Maldives President’s action and in the future it seems India would likely to engage in more controversies like this.

After the tweets on twitter the Maldives government has suspended three deputy ministers for disparaging India’s prime minister, an official said on Sunday, during a dip in ties with its powerful neighbor.

Malsha Shareef, Mariyam Shiuna and Abdulla Mahzoom Majid all worked for the archipelago’s Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts and were disciplined for their comments on social media, the senior government official.

However now a new debate has started that there was nothing wrong with the comments made by youth deputy ministers, so everyone has the right to express his personal opinions.




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