Urgent Action needs Against Israeli Government’s Escalating Violence

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The Palestinian people are heartbroken over the loss of 108 lives, including children, since the beginning of this year alone, victims of the Israeli government’s violent actions. Disturbing reports in Israeli media suggest the government is planning to escalate violence and terror towards Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank, and Gaza Strip, adding to the fear and uncertainty already felt by our people.
The Israeli government’s persistent violations of international law and human rights, such as extrajudicial executions, forcible land seizures, administrative detentions, denial of Palestinian refugees’ right to return, and the expansion of illegal settlements, among others, have created a system of oppression and apartheid that has plagued the Palestinian people for decades. These actions not only threaten the safety and security of our people but also pose a significant threat to regional stability.
Dimitri Diliani, Member of the Revolutionary Council Spokesperson of Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Factions while speaking with Eurasia Media Network said: ” We call upon all those who uphold human rights and justice to stand in solidarity with us as we fight for self-determination, freedom, and justice. It is imperative that we work together towards a peaceful resolution of this ongoing conflict and put an end to the Israeli government’s disregard for our inherent rights.”
Diliani said: “The international community to take immediate action to protect the Palestinian people’s human rights and hold the Israeli government accountable for their crimes against humanity.”
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