US Stands Against Palestine in UN Veto Resolution for Full Membership

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The United States has vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that was widely supported and would have recommended full UN membership for Palestine. The vote in the 15-member council resulted in 12 in favor, with the US opposed and two abstentions Switzerland and United Kingdom (UK). This decision comes amid ongoing tensions and the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Gaza.

The resolution aimed to recommend that the 193-member UN General Assembly approve Palestine becoming the 194th member of the United Nations. Despite the veto, the strong global support for Palestinians reflects the growing number of countries recognizing their statehood and the international concern for the Palestinian people facing a humanitarian crisis.

This is the second attempt by Palestine for full UN membership. The first attempt in 2011 did not receive the required support in the Security Council. However, the General Assembly raised Palestine’s status from a UN observer to a non-member observer state in 2012.

The recent veto by the US has been criticized by international representatives, who argue that it is an attempt to stop the inevitable course of history and that the majority of the global community supports Palestine’s application for full UN membership.

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