Viral Videos Expose Mistreatment of Foreign Tourists by Punjab Police in Pakistan

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Disturbing viral videos have surfaced, shedding light on the alleged mistreatment of three foreign tourists by members of the Punjab Police in Dera Ghazi Khan, a far-flung district of Southern Punjab. The incident has ignited outrage both domestically and internationally, raising serious questions about the conduct of law enforcement authorities.

The videos depict instances of harassment and physical assault, with one tourist reportedly slapped by police personnel. This has led to the exposure of the Punjab Police Inspector General (IG) purported claims of comprehensive police reforms and improved treatment towards the public and tourists.

Eyewitnesses and social media viral videos indicate that three tourists, identified as European citizens with one from Iran, were apprehended during what the police referred to as a routine security check. The videos have sparked a public outcry, questioning the excessive use of force and the alleged misconduct of Punjab Police officers.

The reported mistreatment has prompted a swift and strong reaction from the international community. Foreign diplomatic missions in Pakistan are seeking clarification from the government, calling for a transparent investigation into the allegations. Human rights organizations are joining the chorus, urging authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

As news of the incident circulates, demands for accountability and justice are growing. Civil society groups within Pakistan are pressing for a thorough and impartial investigation, with the expectation that any individuals found responsible for wrongdoing will be held accountable under the law.

The incident has raised concerns about its potential impact on Pakistan’s tourism industry, which has been striving to attract foreign visitors in recent years. Stakeholders in the tourism sector are urging the government to address the matter swiftly and transparently to reassure potential tourists about their safety in the country.

Amidst growing scrutiny, the police have attempted to present their version of events, claiming that the tourists refused security measures. However, accusations of abuse, harassment, and threats by Punjab Police during their purported efforts to provide security have been met with skepticism.

The mistreatment of foreign tourists has sparked a heated debate on the treatment of visitors in Pakistan. Concerns are growing as reports suggest an increase in police mistreatment, abuse, and torture in recent months, with the police being viewed as a tool of political victimization.


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