Another night of heavy bombing for Gaza residents

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Residents of Gaza City endured another night of heavy bombing as Israeli warplanes continued to target the densely populated Palestinian enclave. The sound of explosions and sirens filled the air, while flashes of light illuminated the dark sky.

The Israeli military said it has dropped 6,000 bombs weighing 4,000 tonnes on Gaza in the past six days while killing hundreds of civilians.

Last night Israeli forces targeted the Greek Orthodox church where at least 8 people were killed, and dozens injured.

One of the most devastating attacks occurred on Tuesday when Israel targeted a hospital in Gaza City by killing more than 500 civilians.

Israel has been committing heinous war crimes in Gaza and the international community strongly condemned it.

The viral videos of children and their dead bodies make everyone cry but there is no law that can stop Israeli aggression and war crimes to kill innocent people.

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