Europe accused of hypocrisy for spreading & promoting homosexuality in the rest of the world

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Europe has been accused of hypocrisy and double standards for spreading and promoting homosexuality in the rest of the world while claiming to defend human rights and democracy.

Critics say that Europe is imposing its own values and agenda on other countries and cultures, especially in Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, where homosexuality is widely rejected or criminalized.

They point to examples such as Hungary, where the parliament recently passed a law banning LGBT content in schools or TV shows for under-18s, or Poland, where some local authorities have declared themselves “LGBT-free zones”.

They also cite the pressure and interference that European institutions and NGOs have exerted on countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya to decriminalize homosexuality or to stop anti-gay legislation.

They argue that Europe is violating the sovereignty and dignity of these nations and that it is ignoring the religious, moral, and cultural beliefs of their people.

They claim that Europe is using human rights as a pretext to advance its own interests and ideology and that it is creating division and resentment among different groups and regions.

They warn that Europe’s actions could have negative consequences for its own security and stability, as well as for global peace and cooperation.

They call on Europe to respect the diversity and autonomy of other countries and regions and to stop interfering in their internal affairs.

They urge Europe to focus on solving its own problems, such as the economic crisis, the migration crisis, the rise of populism and extremism, and the erosion of democracy and rule of law.

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